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The Perfect Name for You: Personalized Book

The Perfect Name for You Personalized Children's Book
The Perfect Name for You

There will be grins and giggles and learning too when animals bring letters for their favorite things to spell your child's very own perfect name!

It's your choice! You can choose which animals are in the book!

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Animal Choices

May I choose which animals will be included in the book?

Yes. We pre-select an animal for each letter, but you can change any or all of the selections. The choice is yours!

Do I have to choose which animals will be included in the book?

No. We pre-select an animal for each letter. If you don't want to choose different animals, the book will be made with the animals we've selected.


Can the child's photo be included in the book?

Yes. You may choose to have the child's photo printed on the title page. Adding a photo makes the book extra-special!

Child's Name

Is the child's full name included in the book?

Yes, even if they have more than three names! The child's full name, up to 35 letters, is included at no extra charge.

Does the book have to include the child's full name?

No, but it does need to include at least two names for the story to work. Including only the first and middle names or first and last names works perfectly.

Is there an extra charge to include the child's middle name?

No, The child's full name, up to 35 letters, is included at no extra charge.

Can the book be made with only the child's first and middle names?

Yes. The story is written to work perfectly with any two or more names.

How long can the child's name be?

Up to 35 letters

Birth Date

What if I don't know the child's birth date?

No problem. When placing your order, simply choose "No date available". We'll change the story to work perfectly without a birth date.


Do I have to include a dedication?

No. If you don't include a dedication we'll add our standard dedication: "This book was made especially for you. You're one-of-a-kind and this book is too!"

What are some ideas for the dedication?

This is a great place to add information to your book! You can mention siblings and other relatives, the child's namesake, the name's meaning, or the child's birth statistics: time, weight, and length. You can also click the link below the dedication field on the order page to see more ideas.

Adopted Child

Is the story appropriate for an adopted child?

Yes, the story works perfectly for adopted children.

May I use an adoption date instead of a birth date?

Yes. When placing your order, from the drop-down menu, change "birth date" to "adoption date". The story will be changed to read: "A baby arrived…"

Books for Twins

We can include both twins' names in one book as long as the total number of letters does not exceed 30.

  • In the First Name field, type the twin's first names (or first and middle names) separated by a comma.       Examples: Eric, Clara
                    Eric Louis, Clara Rose
  • (Note: there is a 20 character limit for this field! If the names are longer, you will only be able to use first names)
  • Type their last name in the Last Name field.
  • From the gender drop-down menu, choose "Twins"
    The story will be changed to work for twins.

Tip: Order two copies of the book, so each of the twins will have their own keepsake.

Please contact us if you have a question that we didn't answer.