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The Perfect Name for You: Personalized Book

The Perfect Name for You Personalized Children's Book
The Perfect Name for You

There will be grins and giggles and learning too when animals bring letters for their favorite things to spell your child's very own perfect name!

It's your choice! You can choose which animals are in the book!

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Barbara Houghteling

If asked my favorite letter, I wouldn't choose B is for Barbara. I would choose J, E, and C for my children. Though my daughter insists that my true favorites would be C for chocolate and T for tea! This idea inspired The Perfect Name for You.

I intended to write the story myself. As I worked on the first draft, my 17-year-old daughter asked to see what I was writing. She took one look at my first attempts and said, "Let me give it a try." An hour later she had written the first few adorable animal phrases. Each phrase showed her sense of humor and writing skill. After reading those first phrases, I knew she was going to write this book!

Jana Houghteling

That's how my daughter, Jana Houghteling, came to author The Perfect Name for You. She wrote this book during her senior year of high school. When she was little, I read to her every night before bed. Her favorite books had big, beautiful illustrations and were written in rhyme.

Angela LeClair

Finding Angi to illustrate the book was a matter of incredible luck. She has worked as a professional artist in various fields for many years, but she always wanted to be a children's book illustrator. She is an amazing artist with a great sense of childlike fun and whimsy.

Collaborating with Angi was wonderful. As she worked, we watched the animals come to life. I wanted a lot of fun little details on the pages to engage children and suggested adding a ladybug so many times that Angi decided there would be one on every page. When I suggested that our little ladybug would freeze in the arctic and drown in the ocean, Angi gave her earmuffs and a snorkel! We laughed all the way to the final page and know you and your child will too!