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A Birthday Keepsake is truly a unique and creative gift for new parents! Each Birthday Keepsake starts at only $9.99 for the 8x10 size, and with our 60 day money-back guarantee, there's no risk -- we guarantee you'll be satisfied.

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Birthday Keepsake
unframed from $9.99
laminated from $14.99
framed from $27.99

The Perfect Name for You
Personalized Storybook

from $34.95

Sonny the Stork's
Special Delivery

from $34.95

Child Name Art

unframed from $9.95
framed from $27.95

Wedding/Anniversary Keepsake
unframed from $9.99
laminated from $14.99
framed from $27.99

Growth Chart

Name Wish Poem
unframed from $7.99
laminated from $12.99
framed from $25.99

Little Prints Kit
unframed from $16.99
framed from $34.99

Name Meaning Keepsake
unframed from $6.99
laminated from $11.99
framed from $24.99

Activity Placemat

Christmas Placemat

Santa Letters

Empty Frame
from $18.00

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Pricing Information
8x10 Unframed Keepsake$9.99 each
8x10 Unframed Name Wish Poem$7.99 each
11x14, 12x12 Unframed Name Wish Poem$10.99 each
8x10 Unframed Name Meaning$6.99 each
11x14 Unframed Keepsake$12.99 each
12x12 Unframed Keepsake$12.99 each
12x12 Unframed Keepsake with photo$15.99 each
8x10 Framed Keepsake$27.99 each
8x10 Framed Name Wish Poem$25.99 each
11x14, 12x12 Framed Wish Poem$32.99 each
8x10 Framed Name Meaning$24.99 each
11x14 Framed Keepsake$34.99 each
12x12 Framed Keepsake$34.99 each
12x12 Framed Keepsake with photo$37.99 each
Personalized Growth Chart$18.99each
Activity Placemat$12.95 each
Christmas Placemat$12.95 each
Santa Letters$6.99 each
Child Name Art$9.95 each
8x10 Little Prints Kit$16.99 each
11x14, 12x12 Little Prints Kits$19.99 each
Perfect Name for You personalized book$34.95each
Sonny the Stork's Special Delivery$34.95each
Lamination for 11x14, 12x12 Keepsakes$6.00  
Lamination for 8x10 Keepsakes$5.00  
Gift Wrap$4.95each
(available for all items)
Shipping & Handling$4.25
(for each unique shipping address)
Additional Shipping for Framed Orders$6.00
(for each framed item or Sleep Friend)
Additional Shipping for Books$4.00
(for each book)
  • 60 day, money-back guarantee.
  • VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diner Club, JCB.
  • Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Keepsakes are currently available in English only.
Information is based on current and past United States events.