Wedding/Anniversary Keepsakes

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Wedding Keepsake

Wedding/Anniversary Designs

Loving Memory Prints about your special day!

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Give the gift of memories about your special day - perfect for spouses, and wedding or anniversary gifts. Full of delightful details about your ceremony and events from that day and year. Order it framed or laminated to last a lifetime!

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Answers to the most common Questions!

Q: We share our wedding date with a friend/relative of ours. Can this be added to the Wedding/Anniversary Keepsake?

A: Yes!! We'll add this information to the section where we list We Share Our Special Day With. Look for the section called "Special Requests". In the "Request Details" Box, simply type in the name of the couple who shares your wedding date, their relationship to you, and the year that they were married. Example: "Tom Jones and Mary Smith, college friends, married in 1986" Or, if you have a friend or relative born on the day you were married, you can add that too!

Q: I don't have all the details of the wedding (time, place, officiated by), can I still have one printed?

A: Yes!! All the information besides the names and wedding/anniversary date is optional. If you don't have some information, it's helpful to type N/A in those fields (for "not available").

Q: I am ordering an Anniversary Keepsake. Will the headlines on my Keepsake reflect the day/year we were married or the day/year of our anniversary?

A: Both Wedding and Anniversary Keepsakes are printed with the information about the day/year you were married.

Q: Can I order a Keepsake for a nontraditional wedding?

A: Yes!! Select "Special Occasion" on the ordering page under Occasion, and your Keepsake will be printed with a banner that says "On Our Special Day".

Q: Can I order a Wedding Keepsake with a future date?

A: Yes!! However, we will hold your Wedding Keepsake order for processing until the wedding date is current, so that we can print up-to-date headlines on your Keepsake. We guarantee that they will be shipped in time to arrive before the big day!

Q: What dates are available for Birthday and Wedding Keepsakes?

A: Birthday and Wedding Keepsakes are available back to January 1, 1950 to today.

Q: Can I add a quote or special note to my Wedding Keepsake?

A: Yes, we have room for about one sentence (sometimes more). Just type your quote or loving wish into the box labeled "Special Requests."