Wedding/Anniversary Keepsakes

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Wedding Keepsake

Wedding/Anniversary Designs

Loving Memory Prints about your special day!

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Give the gift of memories about your special day - perfect for spouses, and wedding or anniversary gifts. Full of delightful details about your ceremony and events from that day and year. Order it framed or laminated to last a lifetime!

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What's on a Keepsake?

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Available for dates from January 1, 1950 thru today.

Wedding, Anniversary & Special Occasion Keepsakes are art-quality color prints that provide a wonderful memory of your special day! They are personalized with your names, your special date, and facts about that special day (US events only). They include:

  • Your name
  • Your special date
  • The details of your special day
  • Famous people born on or married on that day
  • News and other famous events from that day
  • Top news stories of that year
  • Fun and fashion trends of that year
  • The best of that year, including TV, movies and sports champions
  • Average cost of common items
  • You can also include a special or loving note to the couple or your loved one (enter your note in the special requests box).

  • Carefully researched to be sure the fun facts and information include only positive events suitable for a special momento.

  • Poems spell out the word "Marriage" or "Anniversary" letter by letter for a list of special wishes.

We take pride in creating a product that you will be happy to own and proud to give!