Wedding/Anniversary Keepsakes

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Wedding Keepsake

Wedding/Anniversary Designs

Loving Memory Prints about your special day!

From $9.99

Give the gift of memories about your special day - perfect for spouses, and wedding or anniversary gifts. Full of delightful details about your ceremony and events from that day and year. Order it framed or laminated to last a lifetime!

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Keepsakes are available in two sizes, 8x10 and 11x14;
11x14 Keepsakes are perfect for larger scrap books, and framing. Easy to read in 10 pt font.
8x10 Keepsakes are perfect for smaller scrapbooks or photo albums. All of the same great information,
type is smaller at 7 point.

Poems are available in 8x10 only. Large, easy to read poems.

All Keepsakes are printed on 100 lb., coated, art-quality acid-free paper, using
acid-free inks to ensure beautiful color and a long-lasting family treasure.

Available for dates from January 1, 1950 thru today.
You can also order your Keepsake framed and ready to hang.
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Sizes and Pricing
8x10 unframed Keepsake or Poem $9.99
8X10 laminated Keepsake or Poem $14.99
8x10 framed Keepsake or Poem $27.99
11x14 unframed Keepsake $12.99
11x14 laminated Keepsake $18.99
11x14 framed Keepsake $32.99
Giftwrap any item $4.95

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All Keepsakes and Poems are available in your choice
of our four exclusive designs: Hearts & Doves,
Meadow, Parchment, or YellowDaisy.

Gift Wrapping or Packaging

Framed/Laminated OrdersUnframed Orders

Wrapped in Wedding Gift papers and finished with a gift note and satin bow.

Placed in a photo folder with A Gift For You label. Folders are archival quality and can be used to safely store your Keepsake for many years.