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  Birthday Keepsakes are art-quality
personalized birth announcement prints. Each
keepsake includes the child's name, name
meaning, birth date, birth information and a
lot of fun facts* about that very special day!

*Information is based on current and past U.S. events.

Answers to the most common Questions!

If your question isn't answered here, click on chat at the top of any page, call us at 1.800.500.1780, or fill out a Contact request form!

Q: How can I have orders mailed to more than one address?

A: As you add each item to your order, you will be asked for the address to ship it to.

Q: Can I get a Birthday Keepsake without the astrological information?

A: Yes!! Simply check the box Don't Include the Horoscope on the Special Requests page, for each order you place. You can choose what you would like to have in place of the horoscope from the list provided. We normally substitute the meaning of the child's middle name, if available. If not available, we substitute a paragraph about the month your child was born. If you prefer, you may supply a short paragraph (approximately 30 words) to use in place of the horoscope. Type that request into the Special Paragraph box.

Q: How do I know if the meaning of my child's name is in your data base?

A: Try our "What's In a Name?" page. Just enter your child's first name and gender. If you can't find it in our online database, use our Request Form and send your child's first name and the language of origin if possible. We will research it for you. Most requests are answered within 24 hours.

Q: Can you still print a Keepsake if you don't have the meaning of my child's name?

A: Yes!! We normally substitute a paragraph of information about the month your child was born. If you prefer, you can provide the meaning of your child's name (if you have it), or a short paragraph (about 30 words) to use in place of the meaning. Type that request into the Name Meanings box on the Special Request page.

Q: My child shares his/her birthday with a relative of ours. Can this be added to the Keepsake?

A: Yes!! We'll add this information to the section where we list Famous Folks Who Share Your Birthday. On the Special Requests page simply type in the name of the person who shares your child's birthday, relationship to your child, and the year that person was born. Example: Mary Alice Smith, your grandmother, born in 1906.

Q: My child's name is very long. How do I know it will fit on the birthday Keepsake?

A: We can easily fit 40 characters (including spaces between names) on the line for your child's name. We can also accommodate longer names, but we will have to print the name in a smaller size, in order to make it fit on one line.

Q: I don't have all the birth statistics for a Keepsake, can I still have one printed?

A: Yes!! All information besides the name and birthday are optional. We'll substitute information about the birth month (birthstone, flower) to fill in the blank spaces. If you don't have information, it's helpful to type N/A in those fields (for "not available").

Q: What dates are available for Birthday and Wedding Keepsakes?

A: Birthday and Wedding Keepsakes are available back to January 1, 1950 to today. Earlier years are available at an additional charge. See order page for pricing.

Q: Do you have anything special for twins?

A: We don't have a special design for twins. If you are buying one Keepsake for each child (recommended), you can add the twin (or any other siblings as a "Shared Birthday" on the Special Requests Page. If you would like one Keepsake for both children, just enter the information for one child in the fields provided. Then on the Special Requests page, look for the Other box, and enter the second child's name, and any available birth stats. We'll set it up for both children, or even triplets!