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  Birthday Keepsakes are art-quality
personalized birth announcement prints. Each
keepsake includes the child's name, name
meaning, birth date, birth information and a
lot of fun facts* about that very special day!

*Information is based on current and past U.S. events.

What's on a Keepsake?

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Classic Keepsake Contemporary Keepsake

Available for dates from January 1, 1950 thru today.
Additional charges may apply for birthdates earlier than 1950, see order page

Birthday Keepsake Day-You-Were-Born prints are art-quality color posters that provide a wonderful memory of the day your loved one was born! They are personalized with name, birth day, and fun facts and news events about that special day and year (US events only). They include:

  • Name
  • Birth Day
  • Birth Statistics (if available) including time, weight, length, hospital and city
  • Famous people born on that day
  • News and other famous events from that day
  • Top news stories of that year
  • Fun and fashion trends of that year
  • The best of that year, including TV, movies and sports champions
  • Average cost of common items
  • You can also include a special or loving note to your loved one (Contemporary Keepsakes only).

  • Carefully researched to be sure the fun facts and information include only positive events suitable for a special momento.

  • Want to proof your item before we print and ship it? Request a proof by Email (type your request in Special Requests-Other, be sure to include your Email address)

We take pride in creating a product that you will be happy to own and proud to give!