Show Grandma and Grandpa You Care All Year

2015 September 21
by Kerrie Flanagan

Grandparents can be very important adults in a child’s life. Each September these wonderful family members are honored with their own special holiday. But even if you missed Grandparents Day this year, it’s not too late to let Grandma and Grandpa know how much they mean to the family. 


Here are some Grandparent gift ideas for the holidays, birthdays or any other time you want to let them know you are thinking about them. 

Family Calendar

When my children were growing up, I made a calendar for both sets of grandparents each year. I would include photos and the kid’s artwork from the previous year for the top part of the calendar and then personalize the bottom calendar part with important dates and family birthdays. When I did it (before all the digital technology), I printed out the photos, organized them in the layout I wanted, then used a glue stick to secure the photos. I would have the kids help by decorating around the pictures and sometimes I had them draw special pictures just for the calendar. 

Now, you can use programs like Microsoft Publisher or PhotoShop to organize the photos digitally, print them out and then have the kids add their own personal embellishments. Then scan the pages. You can send the files directly to FedEx Kinkos and they will print and put the calendars together.  You can also print out the pages and bring them to the store to get copied and assembled. I know the grandparents looked forward to the calendar each year.

Little Prints

Bkeepsakes has a great gift to create for the Grandparents. The Little Prints Handprint and Footprints Kits, allows you to create two unique personalized keepsakes for these special family members. With more than 20 designs to choose from, you can pick the one you like best and then decide on one of three poems. The sizes range from 8 x 10 to 12 x 12. The prints come with the design and poem and then blank space to add the baby’s handprints and/or footprints with the hospital safe disposable ink pads. The ink wipes off easily with baby oil. Each print has a space to add the child's age and the date it is made. 

Here are some more fun ideas: 

Photo Bouquet

Using cardstock for the flowers and fake flower stems, you can create a bouquet of beautiful flowers to put in a clay pot the kids decorated.


Thumbprint Heart Magnets

These adorable magnets are a perfect way for Grandparents to be reminded daily just how much they are loved. Made with baking clay, paint, a sharpie and a magnet, this simple, personalized gift is easy to make but will be appreciated for a long time.

Handprint Table Runner

Take a simple white table runner, paint and your child’s cute little handprints to make this special decoration that the Grandparents are sure to love.

Grandparents are special people. Why not show them just how much they mean to your family with surprise handmade gifts throughout the year.



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