Four Ways to Have Fun with Water on the Fourth

2015 July 02
by Kerrie Flanagan

Unlike oil and water, kids and water do mix. With the heat of summer now upon us and the 4th of July weekend coming up, it’s the perfect time to grab some buckets, toys, sponges, paintbrushes and head outside for some fun in the water. Here are some easy water activities your kids are sure to love, plus they will stay cool while doing them. 


•    Toys that can be put in water (dolls work well too)
•    2 Buckets and/or tubs
•    Soap
•    Washcloths or sponges
•    towels
This activity can serve two purposes. It allows the kids to play in the water and it cleans the toys. Set up a toy washing station with one bucket of soapy water, one bucket of clean water and towels. Put the sponges or washcloths in the soap bucket. Then have the children wash each toy, rinse it and then dry it (or leave the toys on the towel to air dry).

•    Sandbox
•    Shovels
•    Small toy boats or other toys
A sandbox can be an open container of creativity for young children. The sand and water mixture can provide hours of entertainment. Start by getting the sand saturated with water.  If you have a hose that reaches the sandbox, that works the best. In one part of the sandbox have the children dig out a hole to make a “lake.” Fill it with water. Then the kids can make rivers off the lake and begin creating their own waterway system with mountains and castles along the way. Put the boats in to see how it all flows. You may have to add more water as the rivers become more complex. 

•    1 bucket or tub
•    1 smaller container
•    Sponges
The object of this challenge is to transfer the water from the bucket/tub to the smaller container. It depends on the age of the children as to how far apart you will put the two containers. Fill the bucket with water and put the empty container away from the first one. The children should put the sponge in the water bucket, then go to the empty container and squeeze out the water. For very young children (like toddlers) you can have the two next to each other. For older children, have the container further apart so they have to walk/run in between the two. Older children can even have races. 

•    Paintbrushes of various sizes
•    Container with water
The act of painting can be as important as a final product. This activity allows your children’s creativity to go wild as they paint surfaces all over the yard only to have the images disappear. Give your children a few different sized paintbrushes to work with and a container of water. The container can be a small one for them to hold or a bigger one to keep on the ground. Then let them loose to paint whatever they want. Fences and sidewalks make great surfaces. 

Set time aside this holiday weekend  to allow your children to have fun with these simple water activities that can happen right in your own backyard. You won’t regret it.  


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